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The Hair Grip makes your life and wearing wigs/scarves so much easier! 


Do you develop 'bald spots' from the combs in your wig? Do you often get headaches from the tight clips? Does your headscarf slip and slide off your head when you least expect it? Does your wig slide up the back of your head? These are but a few of the common complaints women have which makes covering their hair a difficult and uncomfortable experience. 

The solution to all these problems is The Hair Grip. We are all about letting you keep your hair and your style with ease and comfort! To wear The Hair Grip, you simply place your wig on top of the band with the clips closed. (There's no need to use the comb…just lay it down on top of the band). Adjust around the head as needed. VOILA! No more headaches! No more worries about your wig or scarf slipping off! No more combs, clips, or bobby pins! The Hair Grip is also great for Drag Queens and Cosplayers!

Once you've tried The Hair Grip, you'll fall in love with it and want to share it with everyone! It makes a great bridal shower gift. They may not appreciate it immediately, but once they wear their first wig or scarf, they'll fall in love the same way you did! 


Please note: The Hair Grip also grips to skin, which makes it the PERFECT solution for women undergoing chemotherapy treatments or dealing with alopecia. 

We have sold across the US and to: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, England, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Germany, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey!