Trinkets For Joy

Trinkets For Joy


Liora Kreisler Churney: Baaka / German Colony 
Chani Weiss: Ramat Gan / Bnei Brak / Bar Ilan 054-584-0203 
Tova Bukingolts: Ramat Eshkol/Maalot Daphna 052-717-2936, 
Gabi Hammer: Bet Shemesh / Ramat Bet Shemesh 050-881-5450 
Dina: Telzstone

~Nancy Kurfurst at Wig Allure in Lake Grove, NY 
~Rosa Oh 123 Wigs/Wigs Plus in NYC 
~Lillian Lee at Lillian Lee Salon in Teaneck, NJ 
~Ilana Mathias at Ilana Adorables in Great Neck, NY 
~Teresa Poston at Teresa's Perfect Fit in Clarksville, TN 


~Deborah Mancuso at Hair Enhancements of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA 
~Caren Miranda at Hair Solutions Salon in Sausalito, CA 
~Shira Rosenberg STYLE. Sheitels & More in Teaneck, NJ 
~Lygia Garrido-Burns at Roland's Salon in Charlotte, NC 
~Kim Vickers at Wigs with Style in Tomball, TX 
~Mary Damiano at The Gift Shop & Bloom in Summit, NJ 

~Emma Hirst at Aspire Hair in Eckinton, Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM 
~Marie Darmyn at West Midlands Hair Replacements in Birmingham, West Midlands UNITED KINGDOM 
~Camila Correa Bento in Sao Paulo, BRAZIL 
~Milena Santos Silva in Salvador, BRAZIL 
~Lora Collins at Medical Image Wigs in Oakville, Ontario, CANADA 
~Zelicia Alexander at Miss Inches in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA