The Hair Grip—The Beauty Secret Celebrities And Industry Insiders Have Been Using For Years

Industry insiders non-slip wig and scarf secret.


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The Hair Grip
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There are many reasons to turn to wigs. From thinning hair, premature balding, hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia—or the desire to give a fun new hairstyle a try. Whatever the reason may be, no one wearing a wig wants to worry about it staying in place. Even if it stays in place, its placement often comes with the discomfort of a wig clip or an itchy wig—but The Hair Grip is designed to eliminate each of this worries.


Since released in 2011, The Hair Grip has been the go-to solution for celebrities, models, hairstylists and other industry insiders who require wigs to stay in place. The Hair Grip features a super comfortable non-slip Velcro band, that once fastened—will eliminate the worry of a wig or scarf slipping out of place.

Not only will The Hair Grip save you time getting ready, but no more headaches, no more wig or scarf slip, no more combs, clips, or bobby pins. And no one will know you’re wearing a wig!” - Estee


While industry insiders love The Hair Grip, everyday individuals from around the globe turn this non-slip solution as part of their daily beauty routine. This includes:

·         Wig lovers

·         Scarf lovers

·         Drag Queens

·         Those with thin or balding hair

·         Anyone who wears costumes for work or play

·         Anyone who wants to mix things up with a fresh new look

·         It will even keep wigs and scarves in place for anyone who is completely bald!

The Hair Grip is one-size fits all, and is available in 4 versatile colors, designed to complement your skin tone.

DIRECTIONS: To wear The Hair Grip, simply wrap the band around the head, and fasten with the Velcro closure. Place the wig on top of the band with the clips closed. There's no need to use a comb—just lay it down on top of the band. Adjust around the head as needed.

RETAIL PRICE: Black, Brown, and Tan bands $20 + S&H

AVAILABILITY: Can be purchased on the website or in retail stores located around the globe.