Frequently Asked Questions


Could The Hair Grip be worn under lace front wigs?

Certainly! Tan colored bands are commonly used with lace front wigs. We would recommend playing around with the placement of the band on the head until you are satisfied. For example you can place the band at the start of your hairline or slightly back. Please note that The Hair Grip will not keep the lace flaps on your face. Only the wig on your head.

What is the return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with The Hair Grip within 30 days of purchase, you may return/exchange it for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling charges.

What are the measurements of the band?

Without stretching, the band is 23 inches long. Height from the middle is 2.4 inches. Height from the end is 1.4 inches. The soft velcro is 6 inches long and the hard velcro is 1.05 inches.

What makes The Hair Grip so special?

As an enhancement, We've extended the Velcro for smaller heads, doubled the stitching so it's neater, added texture for more friction, and placed the white label on the inside so it doesn't show. It also prevents wigs from slipping up the back of the head!

What do I do if the band stretches?

Although it's uncommon, it does happen, and we do apologize for those women who experience this. To prevent this from happening, WEAR THE HAIR GRIP SNUG, NOT TIGHT. DO NOT STRETCH WHEN SECURING THE BAND AROUND YOUR HEAD. This will prevent it from stretching faster. Yes, ultimately, the material will stretch around 6 months to one year, IF WORN EVERY SINGLE DAY. At that point, we advise washing by hand in the sink with cold water, and then laying flat to dry. This should bring back its elasticity. We found that most of the women don't bother with the washing and end up purchasing a new band because it is such a daily essential.

If the band grips so well, will it pull out my hair when it is removed?

Absolutely not. The fabric of the The Hair Grip allows for one side of the band to be smoothed when stroked, while the other side has friction. This way, when worn properly on your head, it grips to whatever it's on (scalp or hair) and also to whatever is on it (hat, silk scarf, wig). There are customers who specifically use our product because they are regrowing their damaged hair. The Hair Grip is gentle on hair; there's absolutely no attachment to the hair, through the gripping.