" Hello~ I just wanted to say Thank You for introducing me to such a great fantastic efficient product that works!! I am so excited about it. I recently lost all of my hair and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata ~ therefore I got so nervous and anxious all the time thinking that my scarf or wig would slip and fall off then I would get embarrassed ~ but not anymore as now The Hair Grip will keep me confident~ it is my best friend and my great solution! I am truly very happy and fortunate to have found you!! I am sure you will do very good and bloom because you have such an amazing product. Again Thank You so much for your business and I wish you all the best of luck! "

~Yosra, Cambridge Springs, PA

" I just wanted you to know that I finally tried out my Hair Grip today and it is AWESOME and AMAZING!!! I can't believe how well it keeps my wig in place. I don't have to worry about combs or the elastic band that I sewed into the wig to make it more secure. This is THE BEST invention for wig wearers everywhere!!! I am very pleased! Thanks so much!! "

~Catnov, Brentwood, CA

" The Hair Grip is LITERALLY a lifesaver! I am in love with it! I bought one before I got married and have used it ever since. I mainly use it with my scarves, otherwise they slip right off. With the Hair Grip, it stays in place all day long without ANY clips, or worries that it will slip off. Its so comfortable and I don't feel like I have to rip it off the second I get home. When it comes to wearing it with wigs, there is no itchyness or hair-pulling where the the clips are because you don't have to use the clips anymore! All stray hairs stay out of your face and keep from peeking out of your sheitel. The Hair Grip is an absolute MUST!!! Buy it for your friends, your sisters, your mother, your GRANDMOTHER, it's THAT good! "

~Lisa Pasternak, Queens, NY

" Thank you for The Hair Grip I just love it! This is the first time I have put a wig on and I feel secure :) It's not slipping or going anywhere and it's staying in place! Hallelujah!:) I LOVE this product. I don't go a day without it!! It keeps my wigs in place sooo well! Nothing has worked like this before! EVER! And now I feel so secure in them:) Thank you for this product. I am so happy I don't have to use pins I hated those- they always slipped and never stayed there and the wig would never stay in place. I'm just amazed at how The Hair Grip keeps my wigs on! All day through wind and rain etc..laying down, sitting up, sleeping... I never could wear wigs and never felt comfortable at all. They always would slip to the side and sometimes almost off- how embarrassing!?! But now I just feel so good with it. I wear the brown Hair Grip every day. I never ever go anywhere without it- I sooo love it! I can't wait to get the tan one. I love my Hair Grip! I told my sister about you and she ordered too and she just loves them! We both always felt uncomfortable that our wigs would fall off but not with The Hair Grip! No way-it sticks right to the wig or hair piece all day until you take it off. Thanks again for an amazing product :) "

~Deb, Three Way, TN

"The Hair Grip is amazing! I took the clips out of my wig and it stays on better than with the clips!"

~Tehilla Birnbaum, Har Nof, Yerushalayim ISRAEL

" I just got my Hair Grip in the mail today. The wig I have seems a little too big for my head and for the last week I have been praying it doesn't slide totally off. I ran from my mail box, through the house, straight to the bathroom mirror, ripped open the package and tried it on. I am so amazed how comfortable it is but more amazed how my wig stayed on with the tugs I gave it. I then ran to my bedroom to get a scarf and really tugged hard at it. This product is a small miracle. Every morning for the last 2 years I have been dreading having to wear a wig. This has already built up my self esteem and gave me the confidence to go about my day with one less worry. Thank you!!! I stand by your product 100% "

~Darlene Thomas, Dexter, MO

" I suffer from PCOS & Thyroid issues - both in which has caused me to lose a lot of my hair as well as massive thinning on top. Rather than walk around not confident in myself I decided to wear wigs. I was afraid at first because there is a lot of stigma with wearing wigs, but really anyone can wear wigs. You would be surprised the celebrities that wear wigs! I've worn wigs now for about 2 years and I've had to either sew clips into my wigs which anyone who wears wigs knows the pain in the BUTT they are! At the end of a long day they can leave your head hurting. I had heard a lot about grips online mostly the rubbery kind, but those are to thick and they pull your hair. What's the difference between The Hair Grip and a regular Velour Velcro Wig Grip you see cheap online? The cheap ones just slide right off of your head! The Hair Grip is the best invention when it comes to wig wearers. I can place it around my hair line and use the velcro closure and it feels nice against my head. It does not move hardly at all because the Velour doesn't let the grip move. I place my wig on and it just sits in place and I'm thrilled that I can wear a wig comfortably. "

~Sarah, Grayson, KY

" Thank you so much for the really fast shipping on my Hair Grips. I am very pleased with these. I have worn them all day with my wig and it is definitely not moving as much. Good product! "

~Gail B., Dewitt, MI

" I tried The Hair Grip, without a cap, worked fantastic. Thank you. I am so happy now. I love it very much! No pins, stays in the back without lifting up, I can shake my head, it's so comfortable, it is like I am not wearing one, and it supports and grips the hair so nicely. I do not need to attach an elastic band, as this fits snug, but not tight. My new wig is so beautiful and long- it swings and moves but now no headache ever. I have kept it on for hours. Thank you for explaining it to me, because at first It did not do anything- did not grip with the wig cap on, so once it was remove it made me smile because it works. It's awesome. I'm in love like all the other customers. Will come back to get another one soon. I'm thrilled! This is a bomb. Thanks "

~Heidi, Mountain View, CA

" I have tried The Hair Grip and I must say "This is the stuff of legend" in my Kung Fu Panda voice!!! Wow!!! This is amazing. I have tried it with a wig that is too small for me because I had loads of curly hair, and the wig stayed put!!! Unbelievable!! You have a great product here. Update: Your Hair Grip just made one of my clients very happy and confident. I made a wig for her and the Hair Grip was the perfect finishing touch! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product! People have to know about this!!! This is a blessing for so many women suffering because of hair loss. "

~Marie Omobude, Birmingham, United Kingdom

" I got my Hair Grip in the mail last night. I put it on this morning and OH MY! It's amazing. No itching, no scratching, no sticking of the wig into my scalp! And the Hair Grip doesn't get in the way of my glasses, either. I can wear them comfortably with the wig and not have to continually readjust. And, for the first time, I can brush my wig and not have to worry about it being crooked when I am done. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to getting my other two Hair Grips next week. "

~Fran, Phoenix, AZ

" I received The Hair Grip and when I put it on all I can say is WOW!!! It is amazing. I put my wig on and I could not believe how it fits, it is so comfortable now. I even pulled on the wig and it did not move. I wear a long human hair wig and I like to put it up in a ponytail and before it just kept slipping even with the combs. But now it feels great and I feel great and I am so glad that I found you. You have made a big difference with how I feel about wearing a wig. Thank you so very much. "

~Kate, Ontario, CANADA

" I have ordered several Hair Grips already. Your product can not be beat!!! When my family went to Disney and my wig didn't blow away on the Nascar ride, I looked at my husband and said, "I am a customer for life!" I will always buy from you. "

~Talya Schwartz, Milford, CT

" I received my Hair Grip today and I have to say at first I was skeptical that it would work, but this thing is amazing. My wig is not moving! I was going to try adhesive or tape but now I don't have to. I'm going to wear my wig to exercise class tonight and know that it isn't going to fall off. Thank you so much! "

~Barbara B., Maryville, TN

" I was concerned that The Hair Grip would slip on my very fine, slick hair. I knew the side that touched the wig would hold. It felt very secure if I pulled the wig side to side. It felt secure front to back as well. My wig felt secure doing yoga poses! After testing it out, I am very happy with your product, and I am so thankful I found it. UPDATE: I went to try on some new wigs today. I chose one that was long and needed to be thinned out. I've had wigs in the past that needed to be customized, but I always had to hold the wig tightly by the ear tabs so that it would stay straight. However, today that was not necessary. The stylist and I were beyond impressed with the performance of The Hair Grip. Not once did I have to re-position the wig, and there was a substantial amount of pulling and manipulating the hair while she thinned it out. Truly an amazing feature for such a thin piece of fabric! "

~Audrey, Houston,TX

" Your Hair Grip has CHANGED MY LIFE. 24 yrs of covering my thin, slippery hair and a friend just gave me The Hair Grip about a month ago. LIFE ALTERING!!! I KID YOU NOT!! I just ordered 3 more for myself (I'm always misplacing it and panicking and also want to share with another friend) and I also ordered one for a new bride. When i bend down to pick something up, I say "LIFE ALTERING". Even my kids make fun of me about my love affair with The Hair Grip. Where were you 24 years ago???? better late than never!! "

~L'via, Teaneck, NJ

" For all those out there who have never experienced the worry-free privilege of the hair grip: you are missing out! I don't EVER go a day without this cozy companion accompanying me everywhere from swimming to camping trips to weddings. This little headband has honestly brought peace and comfort to my pain and frustration. The Hair Grip is a womens best friend and the best invention to ever hit the jewish market!! I recommend this to everyone!! "

~Rivki, Washington Heights, NY

" I was doing a search for keeping my wig on and saw your tutorial on YouTube. Sold me and so I ordered. I absolutely LOVE it. It takes away putting in bobby pins and it doesn't feel like my wig is falling off. Thanks for a wonderful product!! I keep coming back because I love it! "

~Terri Wysocki, Germantown, WI

" I can't function without this. I recommend it to everyone I meet!"

~ML, Fair Lawn, NJ

"I have had The Hair Grip headband for a few weeks now and I would just like to say that I think it is one of the best products that I have ever bought.  It does exactly what it says it does and holds wigs in place securely without need for grips.  Also its very comfortable. I also wanted to thank you for your excellent service and communication throughout the ordering process.  I am so impressed.  I have recommended your company to my friends and family. Many thanks and kind regards." 

~Victoria, Andalucia, Spain

"My Hair Grip arrived yesterday and today is the first time I've worn it.  IT'S FANTASTIC!!!  I'll be ordering another one because there is no way that I won't ever have one on when I'm wearing my wig!  Thank you so much for such a great product!  Helps me to be even more confident in my wig!"
~Sandra, Sebastropol, CA 

"I just received the Hair Grip, opened it, put it on with my wig...WOW!  This is really hard to believe.  I was ready to sew clips on my wigs, dreading the number of them I would have to sew, when I happened to see the YouTube video by WigginOutBZ. This is really such a terrific product.  I will definitely spread the word!  Thank you so much."
~ Karen, Larose, LA

"I wanted to share with you that your product is the greatest ever! I was unable to get my Follea wig with silicone to hold on to my head after my hair finally started growing back in after being without my hair for almost 2 years as a result of being diagnosed with Alopecia. Everything I tried didn't work no matter what I did -- clipping it, hairnets, hair bands--nothing at all until I found The Hair Grip. What a fabulous item. It really works & it is so easy to use.  I just love it.  I am, however, one of those people with a very small head, so instead of cutting it or adding more Velcro, I am going to sew a tuck in the band so that it fits my head better. I am so very happy I found your product online. I am forever a customer. Thank you so much. Most grateful!"
~R.A.R., Pennsylvania 


" I must say I was a little skeptical on how this Hair Grip would work, hold and feel. I revived it a few days ago and strapped it on per the instructions, then set my hair now for a test and I was like wow it actually holds. But the real test was tonight 12/16/13 I wore it for a night out on the town which was for about 8 or so hours. And like I said was a little skeptical, however not once I had to readjust it, it added no pressure to my head, it did not make my head itch and most of all it did NOT come off. My hair got caught in my seat belt and pulled and it stayed. So I have to say I am really impressed by this product. And I may come back for another. Once this one wears out which might be soon LoL. Thank you for an amazing product and keep up the good work ~ A Satisfied Customer"

~V.A., SF bay area, CA

" I've tried all the tricks to keep my wigs on, with pins, glue, I even had to cut my own bio hair, but nothing could prevent my wigs from slipping away. I was so desperate, and lost my self-confidence and a lot of money in wig caps pretending to fit securely! The Hair Grip has definitely changed my life with wigs! It is so easy to wear and comfortable! Far better than any other gripper! It works with lace fronts and with mono filament caps. "

~Essene, Brussels, BELGIUM

" Having had a condition that made most of my hair fall away, these have actually saved my life.I am just so thrilled that I found “The Hair Grip”. Nothing I have ever tried works as well to hold my wig in place. You owe it to yourself to try this out. I am positive you will not be disappointed. It even works for overnights with a friend. I do not need to fear it slipping off my head. If you are suffering from hair loss for whatever reason and need to wear wigs, then this little band is just the ticket to make you feel secure, confident and beautiful again. I recently went on Vacation and no one had a clue that I was in fact wearing a wig. There is absolutely no reason to feel that you need to adjust your wig or check that it is in place. This thing is a miracle and a life saver. I find that these last at least three months before having to replace, and that is wearing it every day. I usually do not endorse products, but could not go without giving this product an A+++. Thank you Hair Grip for making such a difference in my life. "

~Sara, British Columbia, CANADA

" I received my Hair Grip today(2 days after I placed my order) and rushed into the house to try it out. Wow. In my best Valley Girl accent, "This product is to----tally awesome!" It is comfortable. It does not slip off my hair at all and holds my wigs securely, giving me absolute confidence in my comings and goings. I wear lace wigs and the tan color is perfect for making my parts look realistic. It's amazing that something so simple can be so effective. You have surely acquired a repeat customer. I have worn wigs for years and The Hair Grip is without reservation the best product I've found. "

~Cheryl F., VA

" Wow! Your Hair Grip is AMAZING. I shook my head around like Beyonce and nothing moved! Holy Moly!! Thank God for you. I couldn't be more pleased and this weekend I'm going to order 2 more Grips! "

~Samantha Charles, Las Vegas, NV

" I received my 3 Hair Grips today and all I can say is WOW!!! THEY WORK! They really, really work! I can't believe how comfortable, lightweight and how amazing the grip is! You wouldn't think so, but the backwards friction on the pile of the grip and the wig cap works like velcro... Only better!!! My negative wig wearing experience has now gone successful! I will never a wear a wig without a Hair Grip...EVER! UPDATE: It's been almost a week and these bands are so amazing. I truly love them... so much so that I'm removing the combs and comb clips from my wigs! I was experiencing problems from the combs causing a serious sore spot on my scalp! I'm so happy not to have to use them! The grips saved me from selling my wigs. Thanks for everything... I just couldn't be happier! "

~Lori Hogan, Ballston Spa, NY

" I found The Hair Grip while doing a search online and totally lucked out. I just received my first Hair Grip and it's nothing short of AMAZING... I will definitely be purchasing more. The Hair Grip is awesome! "

~Karen, Brooklyn, NY

" I have to tell you that I absolutely love your product. Having thin/fine hair and I'm wearing a wig (until my hair grows to a length I like) needless to say, keeping my wig on was important. I knew that I wasn't going to ever do tape nor glue. I tried the band method and bobby pins but the band method is a little uncomfortable and bobby pins don't hold as well (my wig is a full lace wig so there aren't many places to put pins). I've seen other products like yours for high prices and high shipping costs. In truth, I just couldn't believe the product would work. The thing that sold me on your product was your video attached to your seller's page. First let me say you are the first seller I've seen on eBay to take the time to do a video for their product. I sat there with my mouth opened as your model bobbed and shook her head. I said I had to buy it. When I got it, I did the same thing...without any pins in...and couldn't believe how it gripped!!! I showed my dad who was just as shocked and impressed and he told me that yes I had to buy another one. We have a photography studio and since I do the makeup and sometimes hair (which includes wigs and clip ins) this is a great product to have! Even though my head is smaller than the smallest fit on The Hair Grip, it still works fine...I thought it would be a problem but everything stays on firmly. This product allows me to be out on a breezy or slightly windy day and my wig stays on. I will order more in the future. And I will recommend to others of your product and eBay page. You really have a great product! "

~"CreoleSpirit", Ewing, NJ

" I have this weird ridge at the base of my skull and any wig tends to slide up and over it as the day goes on. The Hair Grip to the rescue! Comfy, soft and adjustable. My wig is in place and stays that way ALL DAY. It's so much better than gel bands or other fabric bands. For total security, The Hair Grip can't be beat. Your product is wonderful and so is your customer service. I'll be back for more Hair Grips! "

~Denise Bryant, Birminham, AL

" I just received my Hair Grip and I cannot tell you how much I love this product. I have been using wigs for less than a year, however I am on the smaller head size and wigs never fit tight enough no matter what I have tried. And those nylon caps......they slide up and put pressure on the back of my head. This product does not let that wig move! I am feeling more confident that my wig will not shift or come off. I like to let companies and people know when a good product is found and this is a good product! Again, I am so happy with this I will be ordering the other colors soon. Thank you sooooooo much! "

~KJV, St. Louis, MO

" I have beer wearing a wig due to chemo treatments. I had tried everything to keep it from slipping... Did not feel very confident at all. Received your Hair Grip today, put it on and all I can say is FANTASTIC. DOES NOT MOVE. WIG IS SO SECURE....I WISH I HAD FOUND THIS BEFORE. ANYONE THAT NEEDS TO WEAR A WIG, NEEDS THE HAIR GRIP. YOU WILL FEEL SO CONFIDENT AND NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR WIG SLIPPING! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT. "

~Tina Campbell, Pawcatuck, CT

" Before The Hair Grip came along I hated wearing wigs because it was the most annoying thing always worrying about my wig slipping but now I wear them day in and day out and hardly notice there's anything on my head! My mother in law always saw me pulling at my hat or my wig and she could tell I was uncomfortable so she bought me The Hair Grip and I still can't thank her enough! I wear it at the gym under a bandana and it DOESN'T MOVE. I wear it as a headband and it's perfect. It's just genius and amazing and the best one out of all the other imitations! Thanks again and I can't wait to get my tan ones!! Yay Hair Grip! "

~Tehilla Khalil Rothberger, Mineola, NY

" I can't say enough about your product....I am so amazed, it works, no more tape!! This product is what I have been looking for...absolutely amazing...thank you! I will definitely spread the word about your awesome product. It is worth every penny. I wore my wig yesterday with The Hair Grip and it was comfortable and secure. Now that I don't have to use tape, I can set my wig back a little behind my hairline which makes my wig look so much more natural. I have been looking for something that would do what The Hair Grip does for 4 years! You will have me as a customer for life! Thanks again!! "

~Cheryl, Bennington, KS

" I absolutely LOVE the Hair Grip! I never realized how comfortable it was until the unfortunate time I left my Hair Grip at home, and I had to resort to using clips and combs to keep my wigs and scarves on my head...it totally ruined my vacation!! Now, I have a second Hair Grip which I keep in my carry-on suitcase...so I'll never have to suffer like that again!! "

~Mrs. N., Spring Valley, NY

" I just thought I'd drop you a quick note. I'm wearing your Hair Grip on a daily basis and I'm loving it. I just really wanted to say thank you for all your help. :-) I wish you all the best in your business. Luckily for me your product is great and I won't be needing a replacement anytime soon, but when I do I'll surely order a new one from you. Thanks for helping me keep the wig on my head! "


" I have 2 Hair Grips and I love them. I went out in the wind we had the other day--45 mph, and my wig stayed on! In the past I tried wearing wigs but the clips and pins - or bumping it and making it go crooked - it was a nightmare and I looked forward to getting that thing off. This year I wore a wig for 2 weeks and my head hurt so badly, I actually kept a scarf in my car and would switch to it because the wig would hurt so badly. I was complaining daily of headaches and taking Motrin daily - then my friend said "YOU NEED TO GET A HAIR GRIP" and told me the headaches would go away. I ordered a Hair Grip and from the day I started wearing it I have not had headaches, or any problems. I love it because I no longer feel like I am wearing a wig - I was always aware of it before, and now I sometimes forget to take it off and I nearly step into the shower or sleep with it still on! It is a blessing - a blessing that allows me to comfortably wear my wig without pain and complaining. Thank you so very much! :) "

~Talia Vered Natlo, Milford, CT

"I purchased a wig band similar to this one. On the first use it rolled up under my wig and the wig started to "pop" off.  The band kept rolling upwards and so did the wig. By the time I got home the wig was sitting on top of my head like a helmet. I saw The Hair Grip while doing an online search looking for another "wig band". Well, this is by far the best of the best. It retains its shape, does not roll and stays put under my wig.  I was so impressed, I even showed my hair stylist so she would share it with her clients. I am ordering another one and throwing out the other one."

~ Patricia, Boynton Beach, FL

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with The Hair Grip. I've been using it for a few months now, and I don't know how I ever kept a scarf or even a headband on my head without it. (Oh wait, I didn't! They always fell off!) I went out over the weekend to ride a friend's personal watercraft, and The Hair Grip held tight even at speeds over 30 miles per hour on open water. My head wrap didn't even budge. I'm seriously impressed! Please don't ever stop making these! I don't know what I'd do without it." 

~ Kristi S. Summerville, SC

"I bought the Hear Grip!! It's AMAZING!!! I am seriously shocked at how secure my wig is on my head!  Seriously secure.  I rocked my head all over the place and it did NOT budge. My wig has bangs and they are forever sliding backward and I am always self-conscious they they seem to get shorter and shorter as the day goes on, and eventually they also show my natural hairline underneath making my wig look "wiggy" - but with the Hair Grip in place, it stayed - even when I actually pulled it backward - it did not slide back - and it is RIDICULOUSLY comfortable. I used to wear a headband underneath and another one on top just to make sure it stayed on and didn't slip - and even then, the headband underneath would slip back eventually.  This thing does NOT budge and it is NOT tight! Fantastic product!!!!!!! Thank you!!! "

~Robin Goldberg, Westlake Village, CA

"I have been wearing the Hair Grip for 3 weeks and it works! Let me share my story. I have grey hair and it has a mind of its own.  When I would wear wigs my grey hairs would poke out along the hair line. I tried 4 different brands of edge control, bobby pins, wig nets they were no match to control the grey. If it wasn't the grey hairs it was the wig shifting and that was with the bobby pins and wig cap. I read reviews about the Hair Grip and ordered two.  Placed my order and 2 to 3 days later my package arrived. I wore the Hair Grip for seven hours the first time. I would normally wear my wig half an inch from my hair line. My wig did not move nor did any grey hair peek out. I usually wear my wig with the Hair Grip for up to 14 to 15 hours and my wig doesn't move and my grey hairs don't show. I believe in this product that I now align the edge of my wig to my own hair line. If it's a windy day, I no longer worry about the wind blowing my hair off my face thereby exposing my grey hair. I don't wear bobby pins, edge control, or wig cap because the Hair Grip does it all - keeps it in place. Your product has made me feel so confident.  No more tugging at my wig. No more checking to see if my pesky grey hair is poking out. It works!"
 ~Renee, Tuscon, Arizona

"Over the last several years the hair on top of my head has been getting increasingly thin. And not being a trained hairstylist, it can really be a challenge to come up with ways to cover up a thinning head of hair.

So, I ordered my first wig. The first time I wore it out, for dinner with a friend, I thought I looked simply gorgeous with my new hairstyle. However, as the evening wore on, I found myself checking my hair at the nape of my neck to see if everything was still where was supposed to be and, to my surprise, it had moved higher!

I didn’t know the first thing about how to keep a wig in place; after all this was my first time wearing one. So, I did the next best thing; I started researching the subject on the Internet.

Thank heavens I found the website for The Hair Grip!  I read all of the testimonials about the problems people had experienced when trying to secure their wigs; using glue, combs , bobby pins and even tape. And about the headaches an improperly-fitting wig can cause.

They also said, in their testimonials, that there was none of this when one used The Hair Grip.

Well, I’m from Missouri; you have to SHOW ME!  

I ordered The Hair Grip in Gray and it definitely delivered! It does everything it says it will do on the website.  Just read and follow the instructions and put that little gem on and your wig is secure; you don’t have to keep asking your dinner companion if your wig is riding up — like I did.

To The Hair Grip I say a BIG THANK YOU for delivering exactly what you promised with this product.  And I can’t say enough good things about your customer service and outreach. Wow!  Talk about AWESOME!!  Oh, my, YES!!

Would I recommend this product?  You better believe it and I already have.

Would I buy this product again?  You better believe it!  Just keep making it in gray.

To The Hair Grip customer service team (Estee) thank you, thank you, thank you; just keep doing what you’re doing.

What an amazing, awesome product!!”

~Sue in Missouri

"This feels so much better than wearing the wig cap under my wig. I just started wearing a wig. I thank you so much for this product. I can keep it on all day and feel comfortable. The wig cap was awful and I felt like my head couldn't breathe. Even when i perspire, it doesn't get wet and when I take it off at night it is completely dry. I have hot flashes so you can imagine the number of times I have perspiration attacks. I will be ordering again and will also be spreading the word about your wonderful "Hair Grip" product"
 ~Ms. LeeLee, Maryland